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Why Human Rise

Human Rise Agency conducts recruiting from the IT industry only. In terms of the type of such recruiting we choose to conduct direct and strategic IT recruiting (it is quality that we provide you with, and not quantity). You only get those profiles that are relevant.We get you in touch with applicants, and not just facilitate your access to various profiles. We work in a highly agile and creative manner.

We watch very carefully who you are as organization and what you actually need. We carry out our business in a human and customized manner. We are always searching of new ways of how to make things better, in-between the recruiting campaigns we conduct. We shall not waste any of your valuable time.. We accept it in all honesty when we can’t do it right and we step aside in due time.

We allot time to get to know you well. We often perform audit and we provide consulting guidance. We become your recruiting partner. You get complex HR reports – containing one detailed individual and professional assessment.

Tech Connectors

We provide you with connectivity, not just facilitate you the access to various profiles.

Time and attention

We allot time and attention to get to know you well

Relevant professional background

We choose to bring our contribution to this world

IT recruiting only

It’s only about quality, not numbers

Agile & creative explorers

We customize and work humanly

Customization & accountability

We represent you on the relevant market in a customized and accountable way

See how we like to work

Partnership officialization

Understanding your needs (2,3 hours of pure talking between you and our tech department).
Recruitment strategy design (while using distinct approach styles)

Our process

HR screening, applicants report
At least 2/3 profiles per job

Your process

Your process
Your offer
Signed employment agreement

Looking for new opportunities?

About Human Rise

In a world with so much noise and an amazing dynamics in terms of the recruitment market, we set our goal to bring along meaning and relevance. IT recruiting is the only thing we do.

We have time for you since we have decided to commit to just as many recruitment campaigns as we can afford so that we are always able to provide quality services only. We work with your account on daily basis. We are agile, savvy and creative. We choose to apply #distinct recruitment style (namely one that is strategy-oriented and tactful). We do not wish to waste anyone’s time.

We step aside and honestly admit it when and if we cannot make it. We are right there for you, as your partner, and just one mere recruiting service outsource facilitator. We share with you our wide-spread expertise. We pay due attention to all details relating to you. We do lots of customization work. We often ask for exclusivity in return.

        Our vision

        By quality recruiting, we make this world a better place! Meaning, technical creativity is truly capitalized!

        Our mission

        It has been our choice to act as techConnectors and facilitate some relevant professional experiences (for both applicants and our company clients).

        Our values

        Integrity, contribution, enthusiasm and curiosity

        What our partners say

        Diana has been our partner in TA for almost one year now. Besides the recruiting services, what we have valued was her input in terms of comp & ben, branding and communication. In time, as the Human Rise team grew bigger, we have been very pleased to see and get the same professionalism and proactivity level. Faithfully yours, Nuvei Romania HR team.

        HR team, Nuvei Romania

        I like the people and the culture of HumanRise. They are focused and hard working. Results are important but more important seems to be the quality of results and customer satisfaction. Proper process, great communication and full transparency makes working with HumanRise feel more like working with one of our teams. I love working with them and definitely choosing them was one good decision.

        Andrei Ciubotaru

        CEO, ESET

        Human Rise has initially approached in a time when I did not wish for any change to happen in my life, and at first I have not responded to their invitation. Few months later, I’ve made my own decision to try and make a change. Diana has been the first person I got in touch with. She showed me some offers, of which I have picked one and we started the interviewing procedures. At some distinct key moments – right after the interview, on the first working day, after the first working week, after the first working month – Diana got in touch with me and she asked me how things were going. During all these interactions, she kept being jovial and optimistic. At some distinct key moments – right after the interview, on the first working day, after the first working week, after the first working month – Diana got in touch with me, asking me for feedback on how things were going. During all these interactions, she kept being jovial and optimistic.
        C. C.

        Technical Lead