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Upon due request of our clients, check out some other things we have done so far and how we can help you

Recruiting process audit

If you only wish to find out how much in line you are with the market level, or if you wish to improve and you need an expert’s opinion on this, we are right here for you. We shall undergo checking starting from your team’s motivation to choose IT recruiting, to how messages are written to applicants, which is the process flow and what are the stoppers, to how your recruiters’ profiles on Linkedin look like and if brand communication is unitary.

Creating writing in recruiting

The way we write to applicants provides us with a reply from the latter (be it a negative one, anyway), however the reply ratio is higher. And for any recruiter / HR role the relation with applicants / colleagues becomes of paramount relevance. We encourage people to stop using rough language (some material examples here – `I have an interesting option for you / I have a good job for you / or more seldomly even with pejorative contents – I have an interesting position for you; / Unfortunately // we are sorry – but someone who is more qualified than you has already occupied the role you have also applied for)

Arts of questions & negotiation oratory for IT recruiting purposes

It’s rhetoric which provides for relevance and for the success of any relevant offering transaction. How do you ask about wage expectations in order to get a realistic amount in the virtual environment? What are the first questions used to start a conversation with a given applicant? How do you ask for feedback from the relevant applicant, as related to your process and how do you make sure the applicant has had an extraordinary process experience with your company?

Recruiting-specific Mentoring /coaching

Considering how much surprising IT recruiting can be, one often needs guidance in order to achieve it. Regardless of your particular situation, we shall provide you with guidance given our rich IT recruiting expertise (for over 11 years), and we shall provide you with the knowledge we got in terms of market trends. When we talk about experience, we mean that perhaps at your company level there are in-between maximum 30 / 60 roles opened per year. At our company level there are in average over 150 opened roles and 15 distinct clients (just like in your case, when you have distinct projects to run). Moreover, we always aim at reaching one charmful professional attitude which shall teach you make the difference from the IT-specific HR professional point of view.