Employer branding audit

Given the pandemics, social media has become quite significant. And also, there is the #remote work possibility that is worthy of being mentioned here. As result of just 2, 3 meetings, any future colleague in another town shall make a picture of who you are as employer, from the very – landing page (website), FB, Linkedin, applicants can see how deciding agents are and what they post online, or they may thoroughly search for feedbacks on specialized websites, where people leave their comments (some while in anger, others in a more Zen specific type – however, you can definitely get essence materials from such websites).
The IT Employer brand provides you with attractiveness – from the point of view of people feeling interested in applying or undergoing the recruitment process with your company, and the development of current employee loyalty, or for turning those who decide to leave your company into proud ambassadors of your brand.
Audit de employer branding Human Rise

Here is what Human Rise can do for you

  • Here is what Human Rise can do for you
  • employer audit assessment report
  • repositioning strategy
  • recruiting strategy development (from how you write to applicants, to how you issue your employment offer)