Team Human Rise

We are one small and agile team – working together somehow like a Swat team. Highly qualified, talking less and reaching the expected results. If not, we step aside in time – we do not wish to waste anyone’s time.

From professional need perspective, IT recruiting reaches the top of our Maslow pyramid – we enjoy the research part, where we feel ourselves to act as explorers / detectives, we take pleasure in the arts part of questions that we ask both you and the applicants, we enjoy the part of sales which we mix with the coaching and mentoring part so as to make sure we truly facilitate one #relevant professional experience.

Despre Human Rise agenție recrutare IT personalizată

Here is what you should know about us

Our vision

By quality recruiting, we make this world a better place! Meaning, technical creativity is truly capitalized!

Our mission

It has been our choice to act as techConnectors and facilitate some relevant professional experiences (for both applicants and our company clients).

Our values

Integrity, contribution, enthusiasm and curiosity