Client feedback

Recrutare IT Human Rise

We are grateful for partnering up with the Human Rise team. It is a pleasure to work with the creative ladies who are committed and driven by results. We appreciate their unique way of working, always having a keen eye to our needs.

Selma Mustafa

HR Business Partner, VISMA

I like the people and the culture of Human Rise. They are focused and hard working. Results are important but more important seems to be the quality of results and customer satisfaction. Proper process, great communication and full transparency makes working with Human Rise feel more like working with one of our teams. I love working with them and definitely choosing them was one good decision.

Andrei Ciubotaru


One completely new and I would say, highly professional experience, one that is the best linked to reality and that is high-tech and cutting edge from all perspectives. Diana clearly succeeds in constantly reinventing the old school boring recruiting process and turning it into something that best fits your needs. Even if she doesn’t currently have a job, she is willing to conduct a personal and professional screening work, so as to mix your personal profile with the professional one. I am just one satisfied individual who moved forward and had the courage to turn to professional help, precisely because of the humane style promoted by Diana. All these being said, if you lack courage or clarity, you should put your faith in Diana and all her efforts will pay off. She is one true human riser.
Sergiu Ursan


8 months of close collaboration with Human Rise and keep going – working with Human Rise is a pleasant experience, friendly attitude and professional approach.

Claudia Oprea

HRM, PiN Team, Timișoara

I really liked the way we collaborated with Human Rise mostly due the agile approach with constant feedback and weekly review of the process and status, which also implies the feedback from our side and very close relation. Human Rise was honest and also provided feedback on our job requests to make them fit with the market.

Sebastian Gansca

CEO, Asperitas, Brasov

Although it was not my intention to change my current job and I had denied several possible interviews, the fact that I got one customized message from an individual who seemed to pay so much attention to details (not just one mere template) made me accept to show up at the interview. The outcome has been a new job that I am very happy with and a new perspective about the recruiting process in general. My recruiter’s support and interest for the entire length of the relevant process, as well as after my being hired, have stood for those relevant factors that laid the foundation of one remarkable experience.

FrontEnd Software Developer

Our collaboration with HumanRise was fruitful and efficient. Diana went the extra mile in delivering her services with professionalism and passion, and the result met all our expectations. We strongly recommend HumanRise for a different recruitment experience.

Diana Tonu

People & Talent Partner, Appsbroker SRL

Diana has been our partner in TA for almost one year now. Besides the recruiting services, what we have valued was her input in terms of comp & ben, branding and communication. In time, as the Human Rise team grew bigger, we have been very pleased to see and get the same professionalism and proactivity level. Faithfully yours, Nuvei Romania HR team.

HR team, Nuvei Romania

In terms of the recruiting process. Largely, I have liked the transparent communication I had with Ruxandra. I liked we have been in touch for the entire length of the recruiting process and that she gave me advice that really helped me in making my final decision. The actual process has not been rushed, Ruxandra has provided me with all the required details on the relevant job requirements and the related company. Also, the job requirements largely matched my professional background in automotive field, which is a good thing after all ????
Alexandru P

C++ Software Developer

Although we recently started our collaboration with Human Rise, it feels like forever. The most important thing that I appreciate in our collaboration is definitely professionalism and their ability to deliver quality, good process and excellent communication with the candidates. Keep up the good work ladies. From my experience, there is no other agency like Human Rise. Human Rise is more than an agency, it is a great partner to go along with. Trustful, professionists and developing relationships with the candidates and the companies with whom they work, it’s a pleasure to collaborate with you.

HR Department, The Access Group

Our experience with Human Rise was extremely pleasant. They are very professional in the relationship and treat the partnership as a new team, fully integrated in your company’s procedures, yet who offer an expert outsider’s view that helps you improve your own processes. They are transparent, with constant meetings of updates, feedback, and results, discussed on pure data and real information. They truly deliver on their promise, and you get a full team of smart people, with great insights on human resources who believe in your company, by your side.

Ilona Radu

HRM, Maxcode

It is great to see that there are people putting your wishes and expectations in the first place. I had a wonderful experience while collaborating with Human Rise and I felt I had a friend guiding me to positions where I could find what I wanted from a job. That saved me from investing a lot of time in research about companies and unsuitable interviews.

Software Developer

Our collaboration with the Human RISE Agency was efficient, we’ve received what we have expected and even a little bit more. Diana is a dedicated and empathetic person, focused on the results, therefore, it’s going to be a pleasure to get back for a future partnership! Meanwhile, best wishes and keep up the good job!

Elena Manuela Lupusor

HR Manager, Link Financial Services S.R.L.

Diana has a magic power that enchants words in such a way that makes you curious to know more

IT Recruiter

I met Diana Avirvarei, online, when I was looking to change my job. The fact that she put me in direct contact with my potential employer has been a real great help for me. I got rid of the stress of searching for a new job, and that stress had amounted for some time. The recruiting process has been smooth, light and logical and Diana has been there for me every step of the way, encouraging me and lifting up my spirit.
Veronica M

PHP Software Developer

It has been my first experience with Human Rise Agency and it won’t clearly be the last. It turns out it is so much easier when you collaborate with professionals and when you know what you actually want. Starting from the customized interview up to making the final decision regarding the relevant offer, I have got useful advice every step of the way. Such advice does not come in a traditional way, instead they are reached by questions that you yourself shall reply to. It’s like a journey you take into the unknown, but you are sure about it, about the relevant richness of a specific season, and at the end of this journey you know it for sure that you are where you wanted to get. You say farewell to job apps from various platform notifications, interviews after interviews where you only wasted your time, you say goodbye to stress, feelings of unrest and unreliable feedbacks. Nowadays, by help of due professionalism and dedication of Human Rise agency, everything is well organized and precise, you no longer swim in a large pool of jobs, instead you are the one holding the oars and paddling towards the desired location. I’ve had by boat provided for me from the very start. Chapeau!
Ștefana Barbacariu


Human Rise has initially approached in a time when I did not wish for any change to happen in my life, and at first I have not responded to their invitation. Few months later, I’ve made my own decision to try and make a change. Diana has been the first person I got in touch with. She showed me some offers, of which I have picked one and we started the interviewing procedures. At some distinct key moments – right after the interview, on the first working day, after the first working week, after the first working month – Diana got in touch with me and she asked me how things were going. During all these interactions, she kept being jovial and optimistic. At some distinct key moments – right after the interview, on the first working day, after the first working week, after the first working month – Diana got in touch with me, asking me for feedback on how things were going. During all these interactions, she kept being jovial and optimistic.
C. C.

Technical Lead

I was looking for a professional change and I was contacted by Ruxandra, we talked about what I was looking for and I can bring to the table, she has shown me a job that matched my requirements and after one technical interview I got the employment offer. After approximately 2 months from the first working day, I am still constantly acquiring new knowledge and I truly like what I am doing.

C++ Software Developer

If I were to describe my interaction with Human Rise in just 2 words, these would be “efficiency” and “celerity”. In just 2 weeks I have undergone the entire recruiting process, from the first interview with the HR specialist to the meeting with the team lead, without too much downtime in-between interviews. The HumanRise TechConnector I have collaborated with has constantly kept in touch with me during the entire length of the recruiting process, so as to make sure everything goes smoothly and accurately, and everything did worked just fine.
MIhai I.


Human Rise was actually the perfect timing for me. 4 months ago, they had facilitated me an interview with a company where I had been accepted, however I denied the offer, and I kept on thinking about it ever since. What I highly appreciated in Ruxandra was the follow-up she made with me. The mere fact that she has asked me how I was doing and that she reminded me of the feedback I had received made my day and made me rethink my decision. And what do you know, after 5 months, I have accepted their offer and I am now ready to face a new challenge. Thank you so much Ruxandra, you have really been the star I so strongly need.
Carmen N


My interaction with HRISE, has been smooth, without any blockage in-between the recruiting stages. Conversations have been friendly, while at the same time precise, concise, and focused on HRM job – specific responsibilities / skills.


From the very first contact, I realized the HRISE approach was distinct. Our interaction has been highly friendly, open and honest. I realized I was dealing with professionals who put applicants’ safety and comfort at the forefront of their business. From my position of an applicant looking for a new job, HRise has provided me with exactly what I needed and it is because of them, that in a very short period of time I have got the company and the job I so strongly wished to find. They have provided me with support and assistance, and as result, my search has been successful. Thank you so much one again!
Adelina Coada

Talent Manager, UpStack